My standard artist alley setup for 6ft - 8ft tables includes a photo stand for hanging prints and a banner. The table has smaller tiered displays for my stickers, mini prints, patches, and zines, as well as boxes for customers to flip through.

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I sell art prints of various sizes on a light card stock, along with zines, stickers, zipper bags, bookmarks, and patches. I offer a variety of products with a range of price points.

You can see my full lineup on my Etsy.

Original Stickers
Moogle Sticker
Cutlet Zipper Pouch
Moon Queen Print
Split Print
Relax Zipper Pouch
Butterflies Zipper Pouch
Foliage Zipper Pouch
Sailor Saturn Print
Candle Print
Sailor Senshi Prints
Utena Prints
Penguindrum Print
Yurikuma Print
Moogle Print
Queen Beryl Print
Hardgore Alice Print
Lunafreya Print
Antlers Print
FFXV Prompto Print
Cutlet Print
Geode Print
Eat You Up Print
Homulilly Print
Scratch Print
Errands Print
Relax Print
Foliage Print
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